Each individual's passion for music is expressed differently. Some listen to it, others study it, some others perform it and moreover, there are certain special characters who delve into the detailed labour of fabricating the instruments through which that passion is channeled. That is how 4 years ago, MAELO DRUMS was born, by setting the goal of creating the most precise and responsive drums, which react to each artist's utmost needs.

The artisan behind this craft is Ismael Baíz. A professional musician, who has performed on an international level, and who currently resides and has been enhancing his musical studies in NYC since 2009. Not only does he consider the client's dream but, he designs each instrument within the conditions that the artists will perform, the approach to the instrument itself, the immense array of wood options and their diverse timbre, even weather and climatic considerations are made. All in all, there are multiple choices and decisions to make before a design can be finalized.

Each musician has different needs and likes, and this is the reason why MAELO DRUMS is entirely hand made, considering each artist's wish, while achieving uniqueness and exclusivity in every piece.


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